Additional Accessories

Focal Lenses

Choosing the right lens for the job is very important. To get the best results, different lenses are used during laser engraving. The same way a camera uses different lenses for up close or distance shots.

Making a decision of the type of lens to use depends on some factors: the material being marked, the quality
of the graphic being engraved, and the laser power. A shorter focal distance is used for more detailed graphics and smaller spot size, while a longer focal range gives you a larger marking field.
Depending on how you want the graphic applied, there are multiple focal lenses. If you want a smaller but deeper cut, the 100mm lens is best. At the other end of the spectrum you have the 440mm lens which will give you a larger marking field, but harder to achieve a deeper cut.

2-Axis Scan Head

Rugged IP-65 Package
10mm Apertures
Power Range of +/- 15 to +/- 24 VDC at 3A Max
XY2-100 16-Bit Digital or Analog Interface
Engineered for Low Cost and High Performance
Industry Standard 2 Bolt, 2 Pin Alignment
2 Galvo Directing Mirrors
Precise Laser Spot Size
Large Marking Field (Depending on Lens Size)


Z-Axis travels according to the up & down commands on the control panel.
Controlled by a rocker switch to jog Z-Axis up or down.
Simply align 2 laser dots to focus.

Z-Axis travels according to parameters set in the project file.
The software knows exactly where the Z-Axis is so you can set multiple heights in a simple program.

Z-Axis travels automatically depending on part size and location.
Place part in the marking field, hit the focus button and it automatically

The 3 jaw programmable auto chuck is air powered using a foot pedal. The excellent repeatability and 3 concentric jaws
The jaws will automatically adjust and grip the diameter of part.


While the auto chuck uses the 3 jaw system, the 5C Collet Chuck uses a 5C Collet for smaller diameter round parts.
The 5C Collet Chuck is able to use limited space to mount multiple fixtures, and has a 1 1/16” collet size max. Made of aluminum housing, it has two air ports (1/4”-18 straight pipe thread, male) and 4 mounting holes 3/8” diameter.
The holding power is 7.5 times the air-line pressure.


Programmable by software with a manual 3 jaw chuck. There is a 3/32” (2mm) to 1 1/2” (38mm) clamping range while its jaws are positioned normally. You can grip work up to 2 3/4” (70mm) while the jaws are in the reversed position. The chuck has a hole .687” (17mm). In order to quickly grip a hexagonal or round stock, simultaneously
close all 3 jaws by rotating the knurled ring. For more leverage, tighten and loosen the chuck by using the tommy bars (provided) in the side holes.

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