Custom (C-Series) AMERICAN MADE Machines with endless options and capabilities!

Custom Enclosure

Enclosure made according to your specifications!

Have a special function or placement you'd like your Beamer to occupy? We will work closely with you in the design & build according to your criteria and specifications.

Significantly improve production time with the incorporation of automated options in your Beamer. Mark thousands of parts with the push of a button!

Incorporate a Beamer Into Your Assembly Line!

For example, here's a robot loaded enclosure. It's equipped with pneumatic part grippers and camera for orienting mark correctly on a randomly loaded part.

Standard Options / Features

Now that you have found your perfect enclosure, it’s time to start thinking about the interior components that make up your system. Every Beamer that leaves our facility is unique to the customer. Below are standard options that are available with every Beamer.

To give you an idea/starting point, we opened the following arrangement of components that are perfect for a typical jobs shop with a vast array of different style parts...



Fiber Sourced
    20 Watt (FB23)

    Fast Cycle Speeds

    Strong Marking Intensity

    50 Watt (FB53)

    Faster Cycle Speeds

    Stronger Marking Intensity

    100 Watt (FB103)

    Fastest Cycle Speeds

    Strongest Marking Intensity

    Scan Head

    Scan Head

    Laser Spot Size

      2 Galvo Directing Mirrors

      Precise Laser Spot Size

      Big Marking Field
      Depending on Lens Size →

      Focal Lens

      Focal Lens

      Marking Field Size

        2" x 2" Marking Field


        4.3" x 4.3" Marking Field


        7" x 7" Marking Field


        8.5" x 8.5" Marking Field


        11.5" x 11.5" Marking Field



        Z-Axis Travel
          Power Z-Axis

          Push Button Focus

          Z-Axis travels according to your up & down commands on the control panel

          Programmable Z-Axis

          File Limit Focus

          Z-Axis travels according to parameters in the project file

          Auto Z-Axis

          Auto Focus

          Z-Axis travels automatically depending on parts size and location

          Additional Options / Automation

          You can configure the above options according to your needs. If your shop has higher quantities of similar parts, upgrading some of these components may be beneficial. Along with these standard features, there are several additional options including automation that would increase your productivity and efficiency. Beamer has endless options and capabilities to fit your need!

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