Accessories Additional Options / Automation


Conveyors & Belts

Continuously feeds your parts through the laser to be marked.


Hopper Loaders

Load the hopper and let it feed the conveyor. It can be adjusted with the turn of a dial to fit various length and diameter round parts.


Wheel Loaders

Independent from a conveyor, this uses the rotation of a wheel to feed your parts through the laser.


Revolution Tables

Enables automatic feeding of parts during assembly operations. Load / unload product while machining operations continue.


Air-Chuck Rotaries

Load / unload with the push of a foot pedal. Jaws automatically adjust and grip to diameter of part.


Programmable Rotaries

4” 3-Jaw Chuck to mark round parts with ease or 8" 3-Jaw chuck to mark up to 80lb parts.


Programmable XY Tables

Program specific XY-Axis movements while your part is marking.


Auto Doors

Eliminates the hassle of opening the door after each cycle, instead the door opens automatically or with the push of a button.


Custom Trays & Fixtures

Mark multiple parts in one working area with arrayed characteristics. Faster changeover with swapping of the trays.


Tooling Package

Manual XY Table
2” V Blocks

Barcode/Vision Systems

Integrate a Barcode scanner into your Beamer Laser Marker for any 1D or 2D code reading and verification. Use the scanner to open jobs, fill markable data fields, or verify marked 2D codes on parts. Eliminate the need for an operator manually entering data with either a handheld or mounted scanner.
Integrate a Vision System for part measurement, counting, part recognition, mark verification, and more pass/fail tests within the process. Vision systems can also be used to recognize part orientation/location and make adjustments automatically within the marking software.

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