Power Reliable Fiber & CO2 Sourced Lasers

FIBER Powered Laser


Our Fiber Lasers provide a wide choice of pulse durations, repetition rates and peak powers. These lasers deliver a high power 1064nm laser beam directly to the work site via a flexible metal-sheathed fiber cable. Collimated, and then typically focused to a spot size of a few microns or less, the near diffraction-limited beam can mark a variety of materials.

The patented pumping technique, known as parallel pumping, enables these fiber lasers to generate almost unlimited power and provides for pumping redundancy, enhanced reliability and an extended lifetime. They utilize broad area multimode diode chips as pump sources, rather than diode bars with shorter lifetimes. This leads to an estimated diode lifetime of 100,000+ hours, or more than 11 years, of continuous operation.

CO2 Powered Laser

This laser increases the marking capabilities on glass, wood, and plastics.
The Lasers are configured with cooling fans to help the laser operate efficiently with overheating. This allows for no external cooling.

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