Bench (S-Series) AMERICAN MADE Machines with endless options and capabilities!

Bench Enclosure

H: 25"  x  W: 25"  x  D: 25"
Opening: 16"  x  17"

The simple and cost-effective answer for the highest standard in parts marking. It is the perfect size for a designated area like your shipping room. Built for quick and precise part loading with removable side panels that allow larger parts to be marked as well. A laptop rests outside of the enclosure in an area of your choice.

  • User-friendly built in control panel in favorable location.
  • The perfect size to fit any convenient area atop a bench, counter, etc.
  • Removable side panels allowing larger parts to be marked.
  • Runs off standard 110 volt powered, completely air cooled.
  • Save Money by getting just the essentials needed.

Dowel pin holes and threaded holes for
mounting a variety of sized fixures. With a stable laser position, simply mount a scissor table to the base to raise and lower part to focus the laser.

Standard Options / Features



Fiber Sourced
    20 Watt (FB22)

    Fast Cycle Speeds

    Strong Marking Intensity

    Scan Head

    Scan Head

    Laser Spot Size

      2 Galvo Directing Mirrors

      Precise Laser Spot Size

      Big Marking Field
      Depending on Lens Size →

      Focal Lens

      Focal Lens

      Marking Field Size

        4.3" x 4.3" Marking Field



        Z-Axis Travel
          Manual Z-Axis

          Scissor Lift Focus

          Z-Axis travels manually with the turn of a dial

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