Industrial Grade Laser Marking Systems

Beamer Laser Marking Systems offers and develops a wide range of standard, engineered, and inline solutions, all providing an unmatched 100,000+ hour lifespan.


American Manufactured Laser Marking Systems

Beamer is an American manufacturer of IR fiber laser marking systems. We offer a wide range of powerful standard, engineered, and inline 1064nm IR laser marking solutions with unmatched100,000+ hour lifespan.

From tracking and traceability to serialization, 2D codes, and decorative marking, our industrial grade systems improve production time and marking processes across all industries.

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Learn about the types of marking that can be accomplished with a 1064nm IR fiber laser, and the specific applications with them.


Our systems serve the most demanding industries. From tracking and serialization, to 2D codes and decorative marking.

Case Studies

Our service and support team is available long after the sale, to help you streamline your production needs.

Highly Customizable Standard Systems

Our standard laser marking machines are off-the-shelf, comprehensive solutions, and have optional equipment upgrades and quick delivery times.

Power Lasers

20 Watt IR Fiber
50 Watt IR Fiber
100 Watt IR Fiber
Variable Pulse

Standard Options

Auto Door
Vision Systems
Fume Extraction

Marking Field Size

4.3″ x 4.3″
7″ x 7″
8.5″ x 8.5″
11.5″ x 11.5″

Programmable Z-Axis

“File Limit Focus” Z-Axis
Distance Pointer Laser
Jog Z-Axis Button

New Picosecond B-Series System

Discover the new 10W IR Picosecond B-Series IR Laser Marking System, developed in collaboration with our sister company, DPSS Lasers.

The Picosecond B-Series machine creates hyper-dark, lightning-fast marks on the most reflective metals, making it the first choice for the aerospace and medical industries.

Fume Extraction Systems

Keep workers safe and your 1064nm IR fiber laser marking system running longer by pairing it with a fume extraction system. Our fume extraction systems collect and remove particulate matter and fumes from the air during the marking process, and transported it to the filter unit or through a pipe or flexible hose.

UV Laser Marking Systems

DPSS Lasers specializes in manufacturing ultraviolet (UV 355nm) laser markers. With high peak powers, consistent repetition rates, and low thermal damage, DPSS Lasers are ideal for marking and engraving difficult materials, including ceramics, plastics, and metals.

Applications using the company’s Samurai UV “Cold Laser” system include standard marking, product coding, micro-machining, sapphire scribing, ITO removal, semi-conductor marking, and general and medical packaging.

Service & Support

Our service and support commitment is unmatched in the 1064nm IR fiber laser manufacturing space. Our highly qualified customer service, engineering, and support team is available long after the sale, to help you with repairs, troubleshooting, and streamlining your production needs.