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In the automotive industry, success depends on an auto manufacturer’s ability to achieve and maintain the quality and safety of the vehicles they build and sell. In an ecosystem that includes thousands of suppliers, delivering tens of thousands of components, tracking and traceability of each is critical. Direct part marking makes tracking and tracing possible, and OEMs depend on their suppliers to deliver properly marked products.

Beamer Laser Marking Systems, an all-American manufacturer, has the critical marking expertise that any automotive industry manufacturer needs. Laser marking is an accepted direct part marking method in automobile production. A significant amount of the content of automobiles is laser marked – from full assemblies, all the way down to individual parts from all the various tiers of suppliers. That includes everything from windshield wipers to individual electronic pieces, not just machined components.

Automotive suppliers who can support OEM traceability standards and systems in collaboration with automotive manufacturers, helping them improve their efficiency and correct – or prevent – safety-related issues strengthen their relationships with those OEMs and improve their own business. Direct part marking with laser technology can help.

Regulations demand tracking and traceability

It’s important for suppliers to the automotive industry of every kind and at every level to have a partner who understands their business and the automotive industry overall; and one who has the critical marking expertise that’s necessary. Beamer Laser Marking Systems, an all-American manufacturer, has that critical marking expertise, as well as insight and understanding that applies directly to the automotive industry.


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With a simple point and click, you can graphically edit marking objects, precisely control laser parameters, and build automation scripts within a single interface.

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