Beamer Laser Journal: Aerospace part marking needs & Laser Marking Tip #4

We have the solution for your part marking needs in aerospace, commercial or defense

Beamer Laser Marking Systems provides aerospace, both commercial and defense, manufacturers American-made quality in a full range of fiber laser marking machines, providing an industry-leading 100,000+ working-hour lifespan. We understand the unique demands of the aerospace, industry – increasing regulatory requirements including permanent, legible UID numbers, serial numbers, DOD-specific 2D codes and part numbers. And the need, at the same time, to cut costs in order to grow profitably and maintain acceptable financial performance, all while maintaining the highest quality and traceability. Beamer helps manufacturers meet all those demands with user-friendly Standalone Solutions, custom Engineered Solutions, and Inline Solutions – all provided with fast turnaround times to maintain productivity and operational efficiency. And all providing the highest quality laser etching, oxidizing, and engraving for metals. As a defense contractor we are SAM registered, Cage Code 4A2F0.

Tech Tips: Types of Marking #4

Deep Engraving

When discussing laser marking, there is a misconception regarding the terminology being used. “Laser etching” is more of an overall term that is commonly used to describe what the laser’s capabilities are and not specific to types of materials, industry requirements, and or actual application solutions. We would like to better break down the different types of marking that can be accomplished with a 1064nm fiber laser and the applications that are most specific to those types of marking.
Fiber marking systems can mark or “laser etch” a multitude of different materials such as metals, plastics and ceramics all in contrast. Contrast marking is the discoloration of any material that either makes a lighter in contrast or darker in contrast permanent mark on the sub-straight material. Let’s break down some of the most common markings and materials associated with “laser etching”.

Deep engraving is a type of marking that can be accomplished with a 1064nm fiber marking system. When using a fiber laser to do “deep engraving” types of marking/etching there is a specific way to gain the required depth of mark. Essentially deep engraving is ablating the surface of a metallic surface very quickly while doing so with many repetitions. When talking about deep engraving or cutting with a laser, it can be done with any wattage system, although wattage is a determining factor in depth of mark and cycle time. Normally when presented with a marking application that has a depth specification for either Firearms, Aerospace, defense, or oil and gas industries Beamer recommends starting off with a 50W marking system. In the firearms industry Beamer has found that a 100W marking system is much more efficient at marking the required ATF/FFL markings outside of the machine tool freeing up valuable manufacturing time. Deep Engraving marking is limited to metallic substrates such as steel, stainless steel, Inconel, aluminum, and others. Deep engraving can be accomplished by using these settings on your marking system. Highest power settings, fast scan speed, and median frequency settings while repeating the same marking until reaching the required depth specifications. In the instance of a very significant depth specification, the Z-Axis may need to be re-positioned to make us for the loss of focal range.  

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Customer Testimonial: We are Devoted to Customer Service

“We were referred to Beamer by one of our consultants, and I cannot tell you how glad we are that it all worked out. The equipment is top notch, the service before, during and after the sale has been outstanding. If our business grows as expected, I look forward to the day when we need to add a second unit.” 

Greg Davis

President of Granite Forge

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