Beamer Laser Marking Systems Acquires Santa Clara, California based company, DPSS Lasers Inc.

Beamer Laser Marking Systems, an ARCH Cutting Tools Corp. company, announced the acquisition of DPSS Lasers Inc. (DPSS), a company located in Santa Clara, California that manufactures high-powered, 355 nm Ultra-Violet (UV), solid-state lasers, as well as UV integrated systems under the Samurai tradename. DPSS will join Beamer Laser Marking Systems, an American manufacturer of industrial grade, modular fiber laser marking machines with an industry-leading 100,000+ hour lifespan.

Beamer Laser Marking Systems is based in Flushing, Michigan, and serves the medical, aerospace, defense, firearms, automotive, and general industrial markets. As a fast-growing, full-service laser marking machine manufacturer, Beamer has a second facility in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and manufacturing representatives across the United States. Beamer is dedicated to providing easy-to-use software, support throughout the product lifecycle, and a wide array of standard, in-line, and highly engineered solutions for large and small part marking.

“I am proud to welcome the team at DPSS into the ARCH family!” said Jeff Cederstrom, Divisional President of ARCH Cutting Tools. “We see opportunities for growth in this evolving industry. As we move forward, we hope to learn and share knowledge about the industry, customers, and applications as we work to grow the business together. We are also excited to have an expanded geographic footprint to serve the market,” added Cederstrom.

DPSS was established in 1998 by a team of engineers and scientists, who brought the Series 3500 Model UV Laser to the market. The Series 3500 Model was the first UV laser on the market to provide 3 Watts of power, earning many innovation awards and establishing DPSS as the world’s leading supplier of quasi-continuous-wave 355 nm solid-state lasers.

“I am extremely excited about the newly formed partnership between Beamer and DPSS,” said Nicholas Kaczmarski, National Sales Manager of Beamer Laser Marking Systems. “This merger will broaden our collective laser marking portfolio, allowing DPSS to provide more tailored solutions and Beamer Laser Marking Systems to add lower-powered UV technology to its repertoire of standard machines. We will leverage the knowledge base from both organizations to provide leading-edge technology in high- and low-powered UV, as well as industrial IR solutions.”

“DPSS Lasers and I are very happy and eager to become part of the ARCH organization,” added Alex Laymon, President of DPSS Lasers, Inc. “We believe there will be great synergies between Beamer Laser and DPSS, and that we will be able to provide a greater breadth of products and processes to customers with both IR and UV lasers.”

About Beamer Laser Marking Systems

Beamer is an American manufacturer of laser marking systems, serving the medical, aerospace, defense, firearms, automotive, and general industrial markets. The company offers a wide range of standard, engineered, and inline solutions, all providing an industry-leading 100,000+ hour lifespan. And with an adaptable, easy-to-use, point-and-click interface, Beamer’s solutions are extremely simple to use.

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