Beamer Laser Marking Systems® – Inline Solutions Pair Performance and Cost-Effectiveness in Engineering Manufacturing Systems

In manufacturing, laser marking holds a clear advantage over other marking systems with its quality, accuracy, efficiency, and flexibility. Now, what if that same system is engineered inline – integrated into an automated manufacturing system (AMS)? Can those advantages be leveraged even further?

The answer is yes, according to Nicholas E. Kaczmarski​, National Sales Manager – Beamer Laser Marking Systems®.

“When automation integrators engineer a system, with its interconnected manufacturing stations, every opportunity for cost savings is critical because it’s an opportunity for the  automation integrator to increase profitability,” he explains. “It’s equally critical to find opportunities to reduce through-put time, maximize process efficiency and effectively handle the wide variety of materials in today’s industries, to provide the most value possible to the manufacturers buying the system from the integrators.”

Price and performance in an inline laser marking solution, therefore, are critical factors. Kaczmarski says that Beamer Laser Marking Systems have the advantage in both those factors.

Affordability and Performance Without Compromise
Beamer Laser Marking Systems delivers a high-quality inline laser marking solution at an affordable price that is unmatched in the industry. Through its unique development process, Beamer engineers working in the U.S., have applied knowledge and proven solutions learned over decades of success, to efficiently engineer cost-effective, high-performance solutions for industries ranging from automotive, to medical, to aerospace, and defense.

“The Beamer Laser Inline System is configurable to any applicable process,” said Kaczmarski. “And, in addition to offering a 100,000+ working-hour lifespan, the system seamlessly connects to existing PLCs for smooth process flow and operation in any fully automated process. Marking can be executed with options including 20W, 50W and even faster, powerful 100W solutions, meeting every necessary cycle time and diverse materials challenges.”

With its high-performance, efficiency, configurability, affordability and all-American engineering, the Beamer Laser Inline System raises both industry standards and customer expectations for inline laser marking solutions.

This is particularly important to manufacturers whose products are subject to strict federal agency regulatory marking standards. The FDA, FAA, DOD, NHTSA, DOT, OSHA and even the EPA include specific, stringent marking standards for products used in the medical, aerospace and defense, automotive and industrial markets. It’s critical that integrators and manufacturers have a marking solutions provider that is not only completely familiar with their industry, but also with the regulatory standards under which they operate.

Beamer Laser Inline Systems offer significant advantages to all manufacturing stakeholders in that regard.  For automation integration system engineers creating the AMS, that means a keen understanding of the quality, flexibility, efficiency, and cost savings they need to deliver. For manufacturers putting these automated manufacturing systems to work, it is all that, plus the system offers modular design that’s easily customized and provides cost-saving maintenance efficiencies that promote uptime and enhance productivity – all with the understanding of related regulatory mandates.

“Beamer thoroughly understands manufacturing – from medical, to aerospace and defense, consumer goods and automotive,” Kaczmarski says. “We also understand automation integration and the critical role that marking plays in both of those segments. We can provide that expertise to integrators and manufacturers alike – along with providing the best, most reliable, and most affordable laser marking solutions in the industry. For an integrator, when it comes to winning business from a manufacturer, or for a manufacturer interested in maximizing its production process, Beamer Laser Systems can be the difference maker.”

About Beamer Laser Marking Systems®
Beamer Laser Marking Systems, a part of ARCH® Cutting Tools, means American-made quality in a full range of fiber laser marking machines providing an industry-leading 100,000+ working-hour span. In industries from automotive to aerospace and defense, medical and more; save production time and boost productivity with these affordable solutions.Beamer offers user-friendly off-the-shelf standalone turnkey solutions as well as custom fully automated solutions with extremely fast turnaround times. Whatever your direct part marking needs – Beamer has a solution that will enhance your product quality and give your operation a competitive edge.

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