Fume Extraction Units: Making Laser Marking Cleaner, Safer, More Efficient

Even high-tech manufacturing process can produce harmful fumes and particulates – laser marking is no exception. Laser marking yields a by-product called off-gassing. Depending upon the material being marked, that off-gassing may include particulates made up of oxidized metals, when marking ferrous and non-ferrous metals, which are light enough to float in the air; harmful gasses and vapors when marking various plastics; and even heavy particulates from deep engraving or coating removal.

Referencing specific MSDS and SDS sheets can identify the exact chemical composition of the byproducts of the material being marked. But, while the makeup of the off-gassing may vary, one factor is common – it’s harmful to operators, machinery and the manufacturing environment where it’s important to protect sensitive electronics.

What’s the solution? A fume extraction unit. Fume extraction units, through a multi-layer filtration system, effectively remove harmful gasses, fumes and particulates from the laser marking process. This is important to the health of the operator and it’s important to extending the life laser marking equipment to enhance overall efficiency of manufacturing.

fume extraction

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