Now Is The Perfect Time To Submit Your Powerful Stories

What’s the best way to tackle part identification?

Find out in this article where Beamer’s in-house team talks about the Ins and Outs of Laser Marking:

How To Easily Mark Medical Banding With Beamer

Beamer Laser Marking provides incremental banding marking for medical applications.

For Suppliers looking to adhere with DOD MIL-STD-130N

MIL-STD-130N, this standard provides the item marking criteria for development of specific marking requirements and methods for identification of items of military property produced, stocked, stored, and issued by or for the Department of Defense. This standard addresses criteria and data content for both free text and machine-readable information (MRI) applications of item identification marking.

Now Is The Perfect Time To Submit Your Powerful Stories

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We understand the unique demands of the firearms industry, including FFL (Federal Firearms Licensing) requirements, and ATF regulations [27 CFR 478.92(a)(1)] regarding the identification of each firearm manufactured. With Beamer Laser Marking Systems, you can be assured of the marking of serial numbers, name of manufacturer, model designation, and caliber or gauge are done to the precise print sizes (no smaller than 1/16 inch) and the industry standard .005 depth.Beamer engineering and expertise provides firearms makers with turnkey solutions for a wide range of metals, with user-friendly Standalone Solutions, custom Engineered Solutions, and Inline Solutions. All while providing the highest value investment with quality laser etching of all necessary firearms components including frames and receivers. As a defense contractor, we are SAM registered, Cage Code 87UZ0.

Worth Knowing – Fume Extraction as an Environmental Solution

harmful substances
falling particles

Many different contaminants are released in the workplace through various processes. The following figure provides an overview of contaminant classes:

Liquids and solids can exist as aerosols, or droplets and particles so small they float in the air. These are often referred to as vapours, mists or smoke. Particles and droplets can take hours to settle and while airborne are particularly dangerous for people, machinery and the environment.

They can be distributed over a wide area and even spread their harmful effects far away from the production site.

Dust, smoke, mist or gases and vapours are released during many work processes. These sub-stances have been shown to impact work performance and health.

Possible health consequences include:

  • Inflammations and tissue changes in the breathing organs
  • Asthma, allergies, functional disorders of the lungs
  • Deterioration of the lung’s ability to clean itself, lung cancer

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