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The Ultimate Laser Marking Guide:

The Most Versatile Laser Marking System -A B-Series Spotlight for Consideration

Engineered specifically to fulfill all laser marking applications, the B-Series System provides everything needed to easily mark your product quickly and safely.

  • User-friendly control panel on convenient double-jointed swinging arm
  • Smooth fast gliding dual doors increase production and precision with a safe work view window
  • Easy to remove side panels allow for larger parts to be marked
  • Runs off standard 110 volt
  • Industrial casters for max mobility in the work area
  • Programmable PLC
  • Fully programmable Z-Axis
  • Distance Pointer for easy focusing of laser
  • Guide laser for easy part alignment
  • Test Sample marking for quick and easy material sampling

Check out Beamer’s Digital Resource Showcase here:

Beamer’s Digital Resource Showcase is here! All the elements one would find at a traditional event or trade show, all in an easy-to-access, completely digital format. Create a free account and access Beamer’s Ultimate Laser Marking Guide, “Is Your Part Marking Correct To The Customer?” Paper, and “Is The Laser Marking Process You Have In Place Safe?” Paper. Read about how data accuracy is critical in laser marking barcoding and how fume extraction is an essential part of any laser marking system.

Beamer’s Marking Creator 3.0 Software

Every Beamer comes complete with preloaded user-friendly Marking Creator 3.0 software. The software’s main screen allows users to interact easily with the graphical interface by using familiar Windows based commands. With a simple point and click, you can graphically edit marking objects, precisely control laser parameters, and build automation scripts within a single interface.


Simple point and click software to graphically edit marking objects and control laser parameters.



Simply mark the pallets of parts by using the array function.


Marking Creator 3.0 software has a vast range of generating all necessary barcoding for all industries. Simply select your format.

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