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Mark Larger Products Quickly and Safely! Beamer’s L-Series System Is Your Solution

Our standard laser machines have a unique functionality – the doors fold down on the sides to accommodate very large parts. The L Series dual doors offer quick and precise part loading.

Beamer’s Standard Laser Marking Machines come with hardware, software, installation, training, and fume extraction options. When the machine shows up, it’s plug and play!

The L-Series system provides everything you need to easily mark larger products quickly and safely.

  • 12.5” X 26.5” total marking field when using 254 mm lens
  • Can fit up to a 45” W x 25” D x 13.5” H part
  • Fully programmable along X, Y and Z-axes
  • Large workspace to easily accommodate rotary options, fully enclosed large parts, or fixturing for batch marking
  • Distance Pointer for easy focusing of laser
  • Guide laser for easy part alignment
  • 100% Steel tubular framing
  • Industrial casters for max mobility in the work area

Your Firearms Should be Made with American Equipment? 

Didn’t we learn anything? The firearms industry is the strongest it has ever been with this COVID effect on personal security environment. Then to add to this is the build-up of the Defense supplies for the soldiers and marines. For these manufacturers, productivity is critical for them to continue capturing the growth opportunity they have before them. With many American manufacturers of firearms considering foreign-built laser equipment, did they learn anything from the recent events during the COVID explosion with critical equipment? 

American made Beamer Laser Marking Systems provide a solution that brings 20+ years of American ingenuity. The regulations that are followed by an industry that is considered essential to the Department of Homeland Security’s critical infrastructure require laser marking to be consistent and effective during this uncertain time. Consequentially increases the need for additional capacity with laser marking to adhere to the unique demands of the firearms industry, including FFL (Federal Firearms Licensing) requirements and ATF regulations [27 CFR 478.92(a)(1)] regarding the identification of each firearm manufactured. With Beamer Laser Marking Systems, be assured of the marking of serial numbers, name of the manufacturer, model designation, and caliber or gauge is produced to the precise print sizes (no smaller than 1/16 inch) and the industry-standard .005 to .007 depth.  

Your need to increase productivity and the requirement to adhere to these standards, on top of the diversity of the manufacturer’s solutions needs, may vary. Thus Beamer offers options that can meet your needs with a range of standard solutions or integration for those manufacturing sites with production lines. An added benefit is as a defense contractor, we can provide our knowledge to accelerate your team’s project. 

Did you know? Our machines are 100% USA:

  • Designed
  • Manufactured
  • Serviced
  • Supported

If productivity is critical, Beamer is the source.

A Deeper Dive into Fume Extraction

falling particles

Fume extraction is an essential partner to any laser marking system. Fume extraction serves two very important functions to a laser marking system.

 1. Protection of the operator and the environment in which the marking system is operating. 

2. Protection on the investment of your machine equipment.
Whether you have an older marking machine that was not previously implemented with a fume extraction solution or are purchasing a new marking machine, it’s imperative that you know the importance of fume extraction for your operator and machine. Let us take a deeper dive into fume extraction solutions as well as the potential hazards that proper fume extraction will eliminate.

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