Inline Solutions

The perfect solution for robust, compact laser integration into an existing manufacturing cell, assembly line, and more! The inline systems offer a mountable head unit for easy placement, multiple forms of communication for integration into any existing PLC or driver, and a contained controller to keep electronic from the environment.

  • Built with high strength powder coated steel
  • Standard 110 volt air cooled
  • Contained electronics within controller
  • Digital I/O for PLC controls
  • TCP/IP / Ethernet/IP / I/O Communication options
  • USB port for setting up jobs
  • IP-65 Rated head unit for tough environments
  • Distance Pointer for easy focusing of laser
  • Guide laser for easy part alignment
  • Test Sample marking for quick and easy material sampling

Fiber Sourced Standard Area Models

20 Watt (FIL204)

50 Watt (FIL504)

100 Watt (FIL1004)

Fiber Sourced Wide Area Models

20 Watt (FIL208)

50 Watt (FIL508)

100 Watt (FIL1008)


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