Beamer’s Marking Creator 3.0

Every Beamer comes complete with preloaded user-friendly Marking Creator 3.0 software. The software’s main screen allows users to interact easily with the graphical interface by using familiar Windows based commands. With a simple point and click, you can graphically edit marking objects, precisely control laser parameters, and build automation scripts within a single interface.

You can define and run jobs within seconds and the screen shows exactly what you can expect while executing jobs. Several entities can be laid out, plus an unlimited number of pens can be saved for specific applications and materials eliminating the hassle of adjusting between programs.


Easy to Edit

Simple point and click software to graphically edit marking objects and control laser parameters.

Array Marking

Simply mark pallets of parts
by using the array function.

1D / 2D Barcoding

Marking Creator 3.0 software has a vast range of generating all necessary barcoding for all industries. Simply select your format.

Serial Code Generation

Create serial numbers, date codes, and automatically update variable data all within the software.

Pre-Loaded Marking Pen

255 fully customizable pens for specific applications and materials, eliminating the hassle of adjusting between programs. 18 preset pens to get you started.

TrueType Font

The fonts that are loaded on your computer are automatically integrated into Marking Creator 3.0. TrueType Fonts allow you precise control over how your laser marks appear.

Sample Marking Function

Easily test any material with 35 different marking settings to find the best parameters for your specific material.

Failsafe Settings

Our software includes failsafe settings, that prevent adverse or accidental
changes to your optimized laser program.