Whether your application requires or etching for small parts, large parts, low or high volume, Beamer can provide laser machinery to fit your need. You might know these processes as laser carving, laser etching, or a laser engraver, but we call it non-contact laser marking. Beamer’s standard laser marker machines are a means of providing cost effective solutions that are “off the shelf” and have quick turnaround times. Beamer will work closely with you to design an engineered solution that will fit your application. Examples for high volume laser marking include adding conveyer systems, hopper loaders, robotics integration to increase your throughput. Beamer also has the capability to integrate our laser marking systems / machines into robotic cells. Beamer can also add additional technology such as barcode readers, machine vision systems, inspection equipment, and connect directly to your ERP system. Beamer’s inline laser marking solutions come in multiple configurations. We have wide area models for laser marking / etching applications that require a large envelope, as well as options in wattage which meets the most stringent marking cycle times.

engineered solutions

Engineered Solutions

Partially and Fully Automated Machines
Robotics Integration
Machine Vision Systems Integration
Auto-ID Integration
Conveyor Systems
Loading/Unloading Hoppers

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in-line solutions

Inline Solutions

20W, 50W, 100W
IP65 Rating for Tough Environments
Ethernet TCP/IP, Standard I/O, & RS232
Standard Area Models 4″ x 4″
Wide Area Models 8″ x 8″

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Watch our Ultimate Laser Marking Guide where we take you through the misconceptions regarding the terminology being used. “Laser etching” is more of a broad term that is commonly used to describe what the laser’s capabilities are and not specific to types of materials, industry requirements, and or real application solutions.

We want to break down the different types of marking that is accomplished with a 1064nm fiber laser and specific applications to those types of marking.



Our standard laser marking machines are off-the-shelf but comprehensive solutions, and have optional equipment upgrades and quick delivery times.

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Our engineers can either modify one of our standard machines or build a marking solution from scratch depending on your application needs.

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The perfect solution for robust, compact laser integration into an existing manufacturing cell, assembly line, and more!